Table of costs

(HASLGRÜBLER et al. 2012 a)

For the successful realization of a nature-oriented greening method it is markedly important to describe every single task and parameter to the fullest within the announcement. In HASLGRÜBLER et al. 2012, a schedule of prices and services was established, which consists of six modular units (see below, pdf-document). In this schedule, the costs for nature-oriented greening measures were put together. Because of the different factors and conditions (see image, modified by MANN 2006), for some methods margins of costs were calculated, which are assigned to that respective modular and are listed in a tabular form.

The margins of costs do not claim to completeness and for their correctness no guarantee is provided. Depending on the country and region, the costs for working hours may vary a lot. For e. g. in Austria an hour for unqualified work is priced at 10-20 € (MASCHINENRING 2011), in Germany at about (15) 18 - 22 € (BEIERSDORFER & ULLMANN 2011). Hours of qualified work are priced at 60-70 €. 2011. In those margins are no additional charges for hardship allowance, risk or profit presented. For this the “Bayerische Landesamt für Umwelt” gives very detailed information (BEIERSDORFER & ULLMANN 2011). The costs for every method include personnel expenses as well as expenses for the access route within the common scope. Depending on the distance from donor sites to restoration sites the costs change and they increase on rough terrain and with steep slope gradient. Also the amount of plant growth and the moisture content of the grass cutting have influence on the costs. The costs for the appliances vary depending on the performance of the tractors and the distance to cover. A short description of the single modular units shall help with the selection of a position. The margins determined afterwards allow an estimation of the financial expenses of an nature-oriented greening measure. 

Modular units of the schedule of prices and services and the margins of costs

1. Selection of donor site

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