Costs for nature-oriented greening measures

(according to HASLGRÜBLER et al. 2012 a)

Just a few years ago we began to use nature-oriented greening measures on larger plots. Generally the amount of costs depend on the harvest and greening methods, the goal you want to achieve (see chapter "Planning-Steps"), the quality of your habitat (i. e. the type of grassland, conditions, size, shape, bias, the soil substrate of the donor and restoration site) and the time as well as the regional price for product and service. Nevertheless the choice for species shall be made by technical/ bioengineering requirements and in agreement with the environmental conservation. Also the distance between donor and restoration site, necessary preparations for the plot and the use of relevant technique affect the sum of money.
The costs for seed mixtures can vary a lot depending on the composition of species.
However compared to conventional methods nature-oriented greening measures are competitive when you don´t just look at the costs of production but also on the consequential charges (remediation of a defect, developmental maintenances – see chapter "Maintenance" and KIRMER & TISCHEW 2006) for doing your complete estimate. In any case an early, good professional planning is required.

Stand: 06.10.2015