Why nature-oriented greening measures?

Why nature-oriented greening methods?

In scope of infrastructural measures and landscape changes (e. g. mining site restoration, road and dike construction) as well as for the compensation of impacts in nature, large areas are being revegetated in Germany every year. In most cases, commercially produced mixtures (FLL 2013) are used, which comprise cultivars optimized for agricultural or horticultural use, as well as alien species.
Because the costs for the production of those mixtures are less expensive they are often produced outside of the areas of application, often acquired and reproduced in different climatic zones (MARZINI 2004). Altogether about 17.500 t of grass-seeds and 3.500 t of legumes are imported to Germany annually (BLE 2004).
Commercially produced mixtures have enormous failure rates, especially on extremely dry, moist or nutrient-poor habitats. They can also cause a widespread adulteration of the flora. Alien species and horticultural species can spread uncontrollably or can form hybrids from autochthonous species and replace them.    

Stand: 13.01.2016